Live expanded cinema performance of Point Line Plane with Lily Jue Sheng and Mike Sidnam at the AC Institute.

Screening Reception: Nov. 18, 6-9pm, 16 E 48 St., 4th Floor


banff1 copy

Had a productive residency at The Banff Centre making new chemigrams.


Performing as part of Super Group for the ALLGOLD PS1 Commencement during the New York Art Book Fair on Sunday, September 20th. Performances at 6pm and 7:30pm.

Chuck Bettis
Matthew Ostrowski
Anastasia Clarke
Mike Sidnam
Ben Owen
Marcia Bassett
Steven Litt
Al Margolis
Detta Andrianna
Dan Andreana

Benton Bainbridge
Lily Jue Sheng
Antonia Kuo
Jeanne Liotta
Katherine Liberovskaya


Showing POINT LINE PLANE, 16mm dual-projection photogram collaboration with Lily Jue Sheng, tonight 9pm at Anthology Film Archives in the Maya Deren Theater.

**Additional screening of POINT LINE PLANE and CHROMAFLUX REDUX with Lily Jue Sheng/live sound by Mike Sidnam at the PS1 Print Shop, July 17 6-9pm for the Generations Unlimited Night hosted by ALLGOLD.**


Fields Like Waves at Songs for Presidents // July 3 – July 14 // Opening Friday July 3, 7-10pm// Film Program July 10+11 // Curated by Paulina Kowalczyk and Kaysie Hawke

Fields Like Waves showcases works by Michelle Huynh Chu, Antonia Kuo and Nancy Hubbard. Ranging across a variety of media, from painting, drawing, photogravure, photography and video, the exhibition captures the multiple performative dimensions of translating fluid reality into images. Presented alongside the exhibition is In Elapsentia, a 16mm film collaboration between Josh Lewis and Simon Liu.

[image – silver gelatin print, gouache, acrylic, graphite, 2015]


CURE THE NIGHT – Microscope Gallery

Monday June 15, 7:30pm
works by: Soojin Chang, Sophie Merrison-Thieme, Solgil Oh, Johanna Wagner, Antonia Kuo & Lily Jue Sheng, Chris Penalosa & Sean Julian, Shona Masarin & Cori Olinghouse, Lili Chin
curated by Bradley Eros / part of Microscope YES series