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Made this drawing for the Brutal Doodle show at Lufthansa Studios in Boston.  The show will be traveling to New York and Baltimore in the near future (more word on that in the coming months).

Brutal Doodle will be open to the public from July 1st to the 15th. The opening reception will be on Friday July 1st from 6pm to 10pm. Gallery hours are 12-5pm Sat and Sun.

Lufthansa Studios

29 Sturtevant St. Boston, MA 02122

“Lufthansa Studios is pleased to announce Brutal Doodle, an exhibition curated by Alex DeMaria (MassArt 2007), Jack Schneider (SMFA 2010) and Todd White (SMFA 2009). This exhibition presents the “doodle” as subject matter- a much practiced but overlooked aspect of many contemporary artists’ studio practice. Doodling is distinct from sketching or preliminary drawings in that it taps into something humbler and more personal. Springing forward from a subconscious moment in time, the doodle occupies a place outside of intentionality, at times succumbing to “failure” or incompleteness. This means that doodles often get relegated to unseen places, never to be shown, yet it is in this very uncertain place that the value and energy of the doodle resides.

The curatorial approach taken for this unique exhibition resembles a meandering doodle in its own right. The curators each selected three artists to participate in the show. Those nine artists selected two more and each of those eighteen artists selected one more. This curatorial process results in a web-like network of forty-five artists from around the country.”